The Galileo Double 7 Convention this year marked the first stage appearance of the new TafkaV "24" performance ... and we can already see people going "what kind of name is that for a Fancy Dress performance??!" Well, it does make sense (sort of )... originally we had wanted to call our performance "Blackjack" - but then (rather spontaneously, about 2 weeks before the Galileo Con 7-7 took place) we added another 3 outfits/characters to the 21 costumes we already had in this project :-) ... and there you have it!! 24 costumes in one stage performance - hence "24" ... the mystery is over :-) ..

The following photos were taken during our performance and we would like to thank all those people who were nice enough to let us use their pictures on our site!
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By courtesy of Marcus Erbar/sf-radio Conventions  

Unknown source
If you should know who took these pictures, please let us know as we would like to use them with proper photo credits!


Photos taken by Danny D.

Photo by courtesy of Ingo Park - Thanks a lot Ingo!!

Group shot

Please note that all these pictures are © TafkaV, 2003 and may not be used on other site without our written permission!
Photos that were taken by other people are being credited if we know the source.

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