UPDATE June 28, 2005
Sorry it has been so long - but life just kept us all very busy!
The site was down for a while and had to be moved to another server.
We installed a new guestbook since the old was flooded with SPAM :-(
Further updates are in preparation!
Aside from that - Tafkav will be attending the FEDCON 2006 ... more info will follow!

Now, we assume the first question that pops in mind when entering this site is
- what or who the bloody hell is ** Tafkav ** ??????

Well, this is exactly the place to find answers to those questions!

Here we'll tell you who the individuals behind Tafkav are, how the group was formed, what we did in the past, what's happening right now and what is maybe planned for the future. You´re welcome to explore our world of costume-design, dancing, fun, fun, fun and all kinds of craziness.

Enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to drop us a note if you have any questions.
Be warned - some pages might take a bit longer to load due to several photos -
but it'll be worth the wait!!!

We would suggest you start your tour on the "Tafkav in private" page and then work your way around all the costume projects we've done so far.
And please leave a short note in our guestbook before you go!!