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We didn't take part in the Fancy Dress Competition at FedCon9, but decided that we wanted to sign in for 2002 again. FedCon10 didn't only mark 10 years of Federation Con, but also about 6 years of the Vedeks and Tafkav - so we took ourselves and the audience on a trip down memory lane ...

If you have taken any photos of Tafkav taken at Fed Con 10 and wouldn't mind seeing your pics here , please don't hesitate to contact me. Of course we will give proper credits and a link back to your homepage if you have one.

Amazones rule!!
Orionian Dancer and her bodyguards :-)
She's ... green!!
Photos in this section by
courtesy of Karl Hadler, 2002
One Vedek
More Vedeks

Tafkav on stage during the Fancy Dress
The Rocky Horror part
Orionian Dancer
Photos in this section by
courtesy of Daniel Räbiger
Cartoon Action Heroes
Peter Williams annoucing the vinners

Lara Crof, Supergirl and the Orionian Dancer
Tafkav on stage
All members of the Fancy Dress on stage
Photos in the section above
by courtesy of Susanne Doerfler
Tafkav  at the end of the performance
Photo above by courtesy

of Marcus Erbar, 2002

All photos above
by courtesy of Tom Brückl

Tafkav would like to send a big Thank You all those people,
who were kind enough to let us use their photos for this page!

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