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So, for those of you who would like to get a little insight of how the navy uniforms seen in Star Trek Generations were made - here's a bunch of pictures which were taken during the process. The whole project took us about 11 months from the first brainstorming to the finished outfits/performance.

First, go and try to handle 15 metres of fabrics in your living room ... that's why we ended up in the hallway!

Oh, and here's another fun part - spending hours crawling on the floor while cutting the fabrics into size...

...and then try to figure out how to sew 18th century navy uniforms if you don't have any patterns ...

This one was taken during one of our sewing sessions - "every" Monday night for about 6 months.

Gallons of tea, coffee and mineralwater and dozens of videotapes :-)

Don't ask ...just don't ask!!

How do you make hats? Well, ask Twanky, he'll figure it out!

Told you !!
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