Well, this was a "chicks' project" ... since we all loved to watch "Xena, Warrior Princess", we eventually came up with the idea to show up as "Dithe and the Amazones" at Fed Con 8 .. .for those of you not being familiar with the series .. "Dithe" stands for "Aphrodite" and Amazones ... well, think Xena and Gabrielle and you get the idea :-)

Needless to say, we didn't have the slightest problems to talk the male FedCon celebrities into posing for pictures with us!! Esp. Jerry Doyle seemed to be quite thrilled!!

For Fed Con 9 we changed the line-up a bit - "Dithe" stayed home this time, as Moogie decided to join the Amazones at last ... and our timing was perfect - with Alexandra Tydings ( who played "Aphrodite" on both series - "Xena" and "Hercules") and Ted Raimi ( who played "Joxer" there) being on the guestlist for that convention ... Claudia Christian however, had obviously fun trying to find out, whether "it was all real" :-)