In 2003, TafkaV did not attend FedCon 11 as an entire group, but instead, showed up at Galileo Con for the very first time. Here's a bunch of pictures which were taken during the weekend. Photos that were taken during and after our performance at the Fancy Dress Competition will be displayed on an extra page, where we also will tell you a bit more about our most recent Project "24"!!

Please note that all these pictures are © TafkaV, 2003 and may not be used on other site without our written permission! Photos that were taken by other people are being credited propely of course!

Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday


Cartoon Action Heroes

Cartoon Action Heroes
Unfortunately, we have NO idea who took this picture - we would love to use it here, but
we'd rather do so with the permission of the photographer re. proper credits. If you took
this photos or know who did, PLEASE get in touch!

Cocktail Party Time

Bond .. Twanky Bond....
The angels for charlie
Moogie Peel and Elwood Steed

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Photo by courtesy of Daniela Dohmen, Oct, 2003

For more info on Project 24 - click here

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TafkaV in civvies ...
(well sort of... actually this is TafkaV proudly presenting the new official TafkaV outfit <
We met some really lovely people during the con weekend and decided to have our
photo taken with some of them...

Row 1 - Jerome Blake, a really nice, very down to earth gentlemen
Row 2 - first two pictures Vaughn Armstrong (who might end up becoming an honorary TafkaV member if he should ever fall on his knees in front of us again :-) ...), Pic # 3 - Ray Park.

Elwood and Jerome
The Tafkav ladies and Jerome
Twanky and Jerome
Elwood and Twanky with Vaughn Armstrong
The Tafkav ladies with Vaughn Armstrong
Tafkav with Ray Park

And last but certainly not least - here's Fossy (introducing is daughter Lea) - the guy who talked us into "joining the family" at Galileo 7 ... well, Fossy, we might be back next year and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!

Fossy and Tafkav

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